It’ll Be Perfect – The Perils of Productivity

“If only…” I’m old.  At least I suppose so.  I spend a little time every week looking back on what I consider to be a long life, and I wonder about what more things I could have done.  Not that the things I’ve done are less that satisfactory to me.  I have had a wonderful […]

The LifeWatcher 2020 Part One: Making Time

Part One: Making Time What if your life could be free of mistakes?  What if, every time you were about to make a foolishly angry comment an extra moment of reflection appeared, as if out of the ether, to reconsider? Welcome to the world of the LifeWatcher 2020.  The tale I’m about to tell you […]

No Picture Can Express

   I’ve seen some beautiful girls. I’ve seen a few truly lovely women in my time, and I’ve been impressed by them. I’ve been weak around them. I’ve made mistakes that only a fool following a pretty face can make. I believe I’ve grown out of that stage a bit. I look for a lot […]